Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our Secretary of State Brunner is A Bully....Typical Democrat...

via an email sent by the state GOP:

Ohio Republican Party Deputy Chairman Kevin DeWine today released the following statement regarding Secretary of State Brunner's rejection of the Summit County GOP Nominee for the Board of Elections:

"Jennifer Brunner's partisan manipulation threatens to undermine the integrity of Ohio's election system. She has rejected officials based entirely on hearsay and has refused to give them a fair hearing after accusing them of bullying and intimidation," said DeWine. "If this is the criteria for dismissal, perhaps she should consider removing herself from office, since her record of bullying and intimidation is well known and well documented in the press."

The Akron Beacon Journal reported today that Brunner based her rejection of Mr. Daley, a Republican, on a previous editorial calling him a "bully" and on comments from Democrats that he intimidates people. (Stephanie Warsmith, "Coughlin Supporter Gets Spot on Board," Akron Beacon Journal, 3/1/08)

Recently, Brunner bullied the Hardin County Board of Elections to rescind a motion they had passed out of a concern for the cost of her proposals. The minutes of the Hardin County Board's meeting clearly indicate that she issued a threat of removal from the board to force compliance. Brunner then removed the Chairman for voting against rescission, despite his recorded statements that he would do everything needed to implement her directive. (Dan Robinson, "Crates Removed from Elections Board," Kenton Times, 2/22/08)

"These heavy-handed, undemocratic tactics have no place in what is supposed to be a bipartisan system to ensure free and fair elections. Jennifer Brunner's intolerance of dissent and her efforts to purge any board members expressing concern about her proposals are clearly violating the spirit of that system," said DeWine.

For several years, the Democrats tried to accuse Republican secretaries of state of trying to influence local elections and boards...with Brunner, we have solid evidence time and again....

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