Friday, March 7, 2008

Ohio GOP: 88 in 08 Campaign

From our Friends at the Ohio GOP:
“As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.”

With those words, Hillary Clinton kicked off her primary night victory speech from Ohio’s capital city this week.

For once, we agree with Senator Clinton. No Republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio. So to win the presidency, Democrats know they have to win here first.

That’s why we created a new program called 88 in 08. We’re asking loyal supporters such as you to contribute $88 (one dollar for each Ohio county) to help us build a statewide, grassroots organization in each of Ohio’s 88 counties.

Here’s what a single $88 contribution can do (based on statewide calculations):

226 Absentee Ballot Request Forms
1760 GOTV phone calls
31 new voters that can be identified and registered
117 yard signs
880 bumper stickers

These tools are critical to getting out the Republican vote this fall, and they’ll help us establish a solid 88 county political strategy that will keep Ohio Republican.

In fact, every dollar raised from your county will be used to benefit Republican candidates right there in your county. So your generous contribution of $88 or $176 or more will help us defeat the Democrats right at your front door.

We know the democrats are giving out the wazoo and we know all sorts of outside leftist groups will be funnelling money into Ohio, so we need to begin getting mobilized. This might be a good first step.

--Mark E. Garbett, Jr.; Director of Communications

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