Thursday, February 28, 2008

Prayers for the Jowers Family

The Brown County Republican Party Family has been hit hard lately. Back in December, Al Spiller had a stroke. We found out at Lincoln Day about Tina Meranda's tumor surgery. That same weekend, the Jowers family had a health issue. Michelle Jowers, our Republican Club vice president, was unable to attend Lincoln Day. She had higher priorities, namely her daughter DeAnna. DeAnna had surgery over the weekend. From reports, she is a trooper and is recovering OK. Please keep DeAnna and the entire Jowers family in your prayers.

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Michelle said...

Mark, I want to thank you for the prayers!!!! We greatly appreciate it. DeAnna is doing better. We have gotten through one whole week without her throwing up for a day. We have not done that since November.
I also want to thank you for the work that you have put into our new website! It is looking great.
Another thing is that I appreciated the run down of the Lincoln Day Dinner. It helps me feel like I was there even though I was not able to make it. DeAnna was very disappointed also because she loves coming to our events with me. I am glad that things turned out great and very sorry I was not able to be there to say Hello to everyone. I love spending time with the people of Brown County! I look forward to seeing everyone at our next club meeting on April 3rd at 7pm being held at the Georgetown Library.
Please remember to vote on March 4th. For a list of candidates and candidates endorsed by our party click on the candidate tab on the home page of the republican website.
Again, thank you for the prayers!
Michelle Jowers, Vice-president of the Republican Club.