Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann: Ohio's Own Eliot Spitzer?

Excuse the shameless plug for the site I write for, Weapons of Mass Discussion, but there has been a lot of news going on about Ohio's Attorney General Marc Dann, who seems to be in the middle of a Spitzer-esque controversy. He has hired people who have problems with drinking and harassing women, and lawsuits have been filed.

I wonder where Democrat governor Ted Strickland is, he who is the head of our state who is a fellow Democrat, and who ran about ethics. Anyone remember the way Marc Dann and Strickland hammered Republicans about Tom Noe? Well, what does Strickland say about Dann's conflict of interest issues and his mishandling of these situations? Cricket, cricket....

And our media....papers owned by Cox newspapers and even the Cincinnati Enquirer, mention only the story but do not divulge that Dann is a Democrat. However, if Dann or Strickland is talking about busting a polluter, they get hailed as democrats. Another case of patent media hypocrisy by the media, and another example of the true corruption and underbelly of the Democrat party. I call upon the Ohio Democrat party to call for Marc Dann's resignation....

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Note to Candidates

Please see to it your signs are removed, as the election is over. All signs should be removed by now. If you have not had your supporters or yourself remove the signs, please see to it that they are removed as soon as possible. Also, if you see a Tom Brinkman sign, please remove it and then contact Mr. Brinkman to let him know you have his signs. For some reason, he has not made much of an effort to collect them in the 2nd congressional district.

Thank you,

Mark Garbett, Director of Communications

Friday, April 4, 2008

The New Leadership Team

From the meeting held last night at Georgetown Library.

Congrats to your new leadership team:
Chair: Paul Hall
Vice Chair: Michelle Jowers
Secretary: Roxanne Malone
Treasurer: Steve Loerhke

Also thanks go to outgoing vice chair Greg Himes, who served well and will continue to serve as a central committeeperson.

Even as the opposition is tearing each other up and is in disarray, we in the Brown County GOP are coming together as former primary opponents got together and pledged to work hard, as we all came together to reorganize and rededicate ourselves to our ideals of limited government, free enterprise, and personal freedom and responsibility.

God bless Brown County, Ohio, and the United States of America!

Mark Garbett, Director of Communications, reporting....