Saturday, May 3, 2008

When Did the Brown County Press Become the Pravda of the County Democrat Party?

The Brown County Press has had some interesting letters to the editor. Rather, the way the editors have chosen to title these letters has been interesting and has provoked discussion about the newfound political bias of the Brown County Press, especially since the time Mr. Large has been the Editor in Chief.

Two weeks ago, an issue of the Press had three letters criticizing Democrat officials. The headlines were not complimentary to the writers and made it sound like children calling names...for example:
"Reader Throws Governor Under the Bus"
"Reader Criticizes Obama"
"Reader Throws Darts at County Prosecutor and Courts"

What do these three headlines have in common? All paint the Democrat officials being criticized as victims.

Of course, criticizing Obama is very tame, but throwing darts at Prosecutor sounds like the person is just taking shots...and throwing someone under the bus usually means that the person being criticized has done nothing and is taking all the blame for someone else's work. But what is funny is that the letters were very well reasoned and not rants. So, then, why portray them as such? Does Editor Large have an agenda?

Well, for further edification, I would like to take you back to the time when the Brown County GOP was having its Lincoln Day and the Democrats were doing their thing. The Press did not even mention most of our candidates running for office at the time, while not only did they mention every Democrat running for county office, they also printed their picture. Does that sound like "fair and balanced" reporting to you?

And where was their coverage of former Democrat commissioner Kirby Cornett getting into trouble? Buried....and when people criticized the lack of charges being filed, they were "throwing darts" or "complaining." Sounds like a whitewash to me....

Then of course, there is the way that in the 06 race for commissioner the Press did something it NEVER does. It printed an unsigned letter to the editor endorsing Margery Paeltz over Rick Eagan. The way it was cropped and placed, it looked like the paper was endorsing Paeltz, which they say they weren't doing in the race. Rick Eagan, in the very same paper, paid for a full page ad, while Margery Paeltz basically got a free ad. Again, does this sound "down the middle?"

I think the Georgetown paper should change its name and let the Press live up to its slants in coverage and go by the name Democrat.

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